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quangcaoonline24h > Nine Star Hegemon Body Art > Chapter 2251 Hundred Beasts Slaughter

The one hundred and eight peak Magical Beasts attacked in unison. There were swords of light, giant spheres of destructive power, and rays of light that swept through the battlefield.

The Blue Ring Blood race’s experts at the front were enveloped by those attacks before they could react.

Peak twelfth rank Magical Beasts were on par with fourth step Netherpassage experts. The only reason they were at a disadvantage in a fight against them was because their intelligence was too low. Even a third step Netherpassage expert could kill them if they did it smartly. However, their true power was absolutely terrifying. Their attacks were so sharp that even fourth step Netherpassage experts didn’t wish to fight them head on.

These Magical Beasts were under Meng Qi’s control, and even the cast time for their attacks had been shortened by her training.

The battlefield became empty. Even these high ranking races were blown to bits.

The Blood race’s sharp charge had been stopped right in its tracks. It was unknown just how many of them had been killed, but the Blue Ring Blood race’s experts hastily retreated, throwing their army into a panic.

“Too terrifying. No wonder Beast Tamers are said to be the most terrifying profession. They have limitless potential.”

This scene shocked everyone. If they were facing a hundred peak twelfth rank Magical Beasts, wouldn’t even a fourth step Netherpassage expert have to flee for their life?

If all their attacks had been concentrated on one spot, wouldn’t that be enough to wipe a fourth step Netherpassage expert out of existence?

Pill Valley and the other powers were all terrified. They suddenly recalled the last battle. Apparently, the Dragonblood Legion hadn’t been forced to the point of even using all their cards. Meng Qi had only used a few of these Magical Beasts back then.

In reality, they were overthinking it. Meng Qi had gone back to the Wild World and captured these Magical Beasts with the drake king’s help after that last battle.

Even though her Spiritual Strength had far surpassed someone in the same realm, she was actually only able to fully control around thirty of them at once.

Just subduing a Magical Beast wasn’t enough. They would just run rampant over the battlefield, attacking both friend and foe. Their potential was very limited that way, and they might even be killed if someone caught their weak point.

However, there was a supreme, heaven-defying treasure within Meng Qi’s hands known as the Myriad Spirit Diagram. After bringing these Magical Beasts into it, she could control them through the diagram.

The only regretful thing was that their intelligence was too low, and their bloodline had regressed too severely to inherit the Myriad Spirit Diagram’s divine abilities.

Long Chen had once sighed over that. If these Magical Beasts could be trained to the same level as Xuan Beasts, then Meng Qi would be able to sweep through the Martial He

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